West Thorpe Church is situated in Dringhouses, York and serves it and the surrounding community.   We are fortunate to have a wonderful  multi purpose building, which is very well used both by the Church and by the local community.

Our church family, who are predominantly retired, meet regularly on a Sunday morning to worship together, but we also offer monthly family focussed worship, as well as the intriguing Forest Church.

We also host a Monthly Free Film afternoon, a Craft and Chat, Fellowship Group, Boccia and a very successful parent and toddler group, we call Twiglets, and are home to a Preschool and large number of community groups serving Dringhouses.   Please use the menu to see more!

Hybrid Worship (3rd Wednesdays)

We meet on 3rd Wednesday’s for our Hybrid worship.  Unfortunately because of lockdown this will not happen in December 2020.  We’ll be gathering physically, but watching a youtube recording of the circuit worship service.   We are socially distanced, and you must remain in your seats, to ensure safety, but you would be welcome to join us.

Zoom on Sundays 10:30am

Join us on Sunday at 10:30am for another online bible study/worship time hosted by Acomb, Southlands, West Thorpe & Holgate Methodist churches.

Sunday 29th November, we are also hosting our annual memorial service at 4:00pm, where we remember those we have lost, and reflect on the losses of this last year.

For those who missed last week’s shared time, the following is our minister, Andy’s reflection on John Bailey’s sharing with us of Mark 1:1-8 – Ways in the Wilderness (you’ll find more Sunday’s on our You Tube channel or Facebook page). We also break out for family worship, during our time together.

Rev Keith Albans was leading the circuit service this Sunday, with preaching by Rev Leslie Newton, the chair of the district. The circuit service is also available each week, at the same time as our Zoom, so if you would like to watch it live, or afterwards, then click subscribe and you will be sent a link each week. Feel free to join us, after our Zoom, for coffee. If you’d like to watch both, I will try and post them on this email each week.

Alternatively, if you’d like to worship with a contemporary service, then please find a link to our sister church, at Copmanthorpe.

Finally, our new family worship time ‘ONE Family’ met once again in November. If you missed it, and would like to engage, watch the enclosed video, and hopefully join us for next month!

To access the live Zoom on Sunday worship , you need a device with a camera and microphone, you then need to download Zoom, from www.zoom.us and then you’ll need to follow the link below, or type the meeting id, and password into the software to enable the meeting.

Each Sunday from 6th December 2020 – Our 10:30am Meeting

The following link, will now be used, each week, for our Zoom service.

Meeting URL:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87030747784
Meeting ID:870 3074 7784
Telephone:+44 131 460 1196 United Kingdom
Password:[please contact Rev Andy for the password]

We usually linger after the ‘worship’ to continue to ‘be church’, in conversation in different physical church groups. This is the time where we catch up with one another, share concerns, and develop ways in which we might express God’s love in our context practically…so do stay for that if you are able.

Finally, a regular evening prayer slot, led by various of the circuit preachers and ministers is available most weeknights between 7:00-7:20pm

Meeting URL:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84669732185
Meeting ID:846 6973 2185
Telephone:0131 460 1196
Password:[please contact Rev Andy for the password]